Proper Internet Marketing for Lawyers

What is the main issue that comes up when doing Internet Marketing for Lawyers? One of the main issues that lawyers and law firms face these days in regards to getting new clients is basically not knowing how to do it properly. This causes them to chase after each shinny object or marketing person/company who promises all types of unreal results. However, the fact is that due to the increase in competition it becomes very expensive to really be able to maintain a regular flow of new clients coming their way.

The main reason it has become more expensive, is because everyone is fighting to be seen as number one in their respective area of law and geography. That is why, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to trying to be seen as number one these days.

Marketing is expensive for lawyers

Internet Marketing for LawyersFirst of all, it is important to remember that no one looks for an attorney unless they need one. This means that traditional advertising methods will not produce a positive return on investment (ROI). That is because these methods based their strategy on creating the need or hoping to capitalize on a need which may or may not exist on whoever is exposed to the information at a given time. Also, in order for these methods to be effective, they require a saturation of the market, which means lots of advertising for a long period of time. This obviously costs a lot of money and ROI will not be seen in the short term.

Traditional methods are those which are focused on getting information out to as many people as possible, in other words, exposing the company`s name and services to everyone. No matter how much you try to target your advertising to a particular market or group of people, the fact is that if they don`t need that service when they see or hear the company`s information, it will not produce the desired reaction on their part. Among these traditional methods you can find, the use of billboards, TV advertising and appearances on TV and radio programs, advertising in magazines and newspapers, advertising in yellow pages, advertising in niche specific publications, handing out flyers, social media advertising and posting, and many others.

What is the Alternative for Lawyers and Law Firms?

The alternative to this lack of results of traditional advertising methods is to focus on attracting clients who have the immediate or short term need for legal services. Whether it is an immigration, criminal, divorce, labor, commercial, business, family or any other type of lawyer, the fact is that it is a lot more wise to target those in need than those that are not. This is just common sense. The issue is how to properly do this without having a large budget.

The best way to do this obviously, is to be where people look for legal services when they need them, and that is in the results of search engines. This is easier said than done but there are people who are experts in doing this for lawyers and law firms throughout the world. Unfortunately, some lawyers seem to think that because they have seen videos on the subject, they can do it on their own and avoid hiring professionals to take care of their marketing and/or client attraction strategies.

Also, many times, there are attorneys who think only what they do is valuable and everything else is overpriced, so they fall into the Google and Social Media advertising trap and end up spending a lot of money with very low results which stop as soon as they stop spending money. This happens mainly because the most popular way to try to get new clients is pay per click advertising on this search engine and other social media outlets, such as Facebook. However, they forget that Google is an advertising company and the same is true for any Social media platform. They make their money from people clicking on these types of ads whether they are potential clients or not.

Additionally, pay per click advertising can get quite expensive for lawyers, who in some markets can pay anywhere from $12 to $200 dollars per click on their ad. Add to this, that the competition some times also clicks on their competitors ads just to have them waste their budget, so that their own ads appear higher on the list or more often. Obviously everyone ends up paying without getting any real results.

Find Help to manage marketing strategies for lawyers

Contact a Marketing ExpertThe fact of the matter is, the best way to get new clients is to hire someone with a proven track record of results and pay what their work is worth. To know what they do and how they do it, is not as important as to see their results.

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