How to use Reputation Management

Managing Comments Online is Very Important

Good handling of information and properly managing comments online is crucial to maintaining a good business reputation. The good handling of comments on the internet is one of the most important actions of digital marketing for any company and independent entrepreneurs these days. Comments on search directories such as Google and social networks can positively or negatively impact the reputation of any company. This is why, managing comments on the internet should be a daily activity for any successful business.

Good handling of Comments is key to the success of any business

How to Manage Your Business ReputationComments posted by people on social networks and especially in the main search directories such as Google, are analyzed by your potential customers. Therefore, the good handling of comments on the internet must be part of a strategic marketing plan for every company and entrepreneur. The lack of this type of management can negatively affect the chances of success of any business, especially at the local level.

Managing Comments on Google, Bing and some social networks where companies publish information about their products and services are a fundamental part of a good reputation. Today, unfortunately, it is much more common for people to post negative comments, than to do so when they experience good service. This is the main reason why, monitoring and good management of comments on the internet about your company and/or business can be the difference between success and commercial failure.

Presence Online is a Must for Any Business

reputation managementObviously, the first thing that is necessary is to have online presence. If your company or business does not exist on the internet, you are unlikely to receive new customers when they search for your products or services. Therefore, a web page is one of your best initial investments to show your products and/or services and a good business image.

Presence in at least one or two social networks, depending on your commercial activity, is essential for any local business. Showing your business or company using these digital marketing tools obviously has a cost. But this must be considered a necessary investment, since consumers demand an internet presence from companies they don’t know, in order to trust them. If your business does not have an online presence, then it is unlikely that a new potential customer will hire your services or trust buying from you.

How to show your business or offers on the Internet

There are free options to have a presence online, however, these are obviously risky, since free means they have great weaknesses. The first thing is, that they have no guarantee of permanence or technical support if a problem arises. So the image of your business is constantly on the tightrope. The second is that because they are free, they are plagued with advertising that in some cases show services provided by your competitors in the same place where it shows your company`s information.

Social media platforms can also be used for free, but to show a good company image and profile, social media design, management and monitoring must be in the hands of professionals. Experienced marketing people do not work for free, so it is better to plan a budget to show a good professional, trust worthy image.

However, not everything is lost, there are many free options to have internet presence which are less risky and very useful. Among these, there is Google Maps, which helps companies and businesses obtain a presence online, according to their respective geographical areas. This is the most used option, however, its use is restricted by strict rules of use and therefore, at any time your company may not be found because of Google penalties.

Additionally, presence and management of information in these places must be adequate so as not to affect the reputation of the company or business, especially as regards to good handling of user comments. Ratings and comments made by users on platforms such as Google and Facebook, greatly impact the reputation of any business. Therefore, it is advisable to keep in mind the following recommendations.

  • Monitor published comments and ratings of your company at least once a week. It is important to be aware of what is said about your service and what is said about your competition.
  • manejodecomentarioseninternetDo not publish ratings and/or recommendations on your own places. As in the image on the right, where the owner of this company, rates her own company with five stars and writes that “it is the best tax consulting company in the country”. This is a ridiculous statement that everyone who sees it will know that it has no truth to it and has been published by the owner herself or someone associated to the company.
  • Do not post ratings or negative comments on competitor spaces, unless you have experienced their service, since they can retaliate and do the same with yours. Nothing in the internet is incognito, especially when it comes to comments. Keep in mind that it is usually necessary to create an account in order to leave comments and ratings. In other words, your information will be available to the public.
  • Contribute with real ratings and comments about the businesses and companies with which you have had a real business contact or relationship.
  • Request ratings and comments from your satisfied customers. Ask them to publicly rate your company and comment on their experience.

There are many options to get comments from your customers on the internet, however, if you are not going to monitor or manage them correctly, it is better not to use them. To take advantage of these options properly, it is useful to seek professional advice. An experienced reputation management expert can recommend a good management strategy. Consulting assistance with digital marketing issues is not very expensive, but the experience of the provider must be taken into account. It is advisable to ask to see the results obtained with other clients, before hiring this type of professional.

If you want to know how to get calls from new clients in your local area or advice on managing comments online. Consult with us today.

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this important information.
    I didn’t know how important managing the information Online is…
    I learned a lot with this article, but it is always better to go to the advice of professional experts such as you.

    1. Thanks for commenting Cecilia Renteria C. You are absolutely right, it is always better to seek the advice of those who have the experience. However, it is also important to know why you need to hire a professional. Reputation management could be the difference between long term success or complete failure and/or bankruptcy.

  2. A good reputation is the key to the success of your business. A satisfied costumer, calls others costumers. Good comments on the web helps a lot.

    1. Thanks for commenting Ana, you are very correct. Even customers who you haven’t worked with will refer other customers if they know of your reputation because they heard someone else talk about it. This is specially true in professional services, such as attorneys, doctors, dentists and so on, where so much could be at stake.

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