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Welcome to The X Group, we are a marketing company in Medellin, specialized in attracting customers towards your business. We have a team of experts in innovative marketing strategies who stay up to date with all the current trends and generate excellent results for all types of businesses, regardless of size or niche.

One of your best options in Marketing Companies in Medellin and all of Colombia

marketingcompanyinmedellinthexgroupTraditional advertising is not as effective as it used to be for attracting customers to businesses and it has become more of an expense for companies and not a sound investment, as the advertising budget should be seen. Today it is very important to use innovative marketing strategies, that can provide fast results and are measurable, so the company can take the necessary actions in regards to marketing according to their results.

We are one of the best options for marketing your company, brand, product or service. We generate real results through our marketing strategies, which are targeted to the specific market needs and objectives of our clients: We do what we have to do within the available budget and never fall short of our goal. Ask us today about how we can help you get many new customers who need your products or services in your local area. We always under promise and over deliver.

Everyday markets are becoming more competitive and it is very important to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to advertising products and services. If you are not ahead of the competition, your brand is getting lost in the crowd which eventually may lead to its disappearance. Our marketing company in Medellin – The X Group, is committed to the commercial success or each one of our clients.

We have a wide variety of services to offer our customers. Among these we can mention the following, which are the most commonly used in Medellin:

  • Marketing consultingmarketing-company-in-medellin
  • Design, planning, implementation and monitoring of marketing strategies
  • Specialized outdoor advertising, direct marketing, online advertising
  • Reputation Management,
  • Staff trainning
  • Social Media Management, Design and maintenance of websites, hosting services,
  • Re-routing of potential customers and positioning services
  • SEO Consulting and Services
  • Web Pages, Mass mailings and many other marketing and advertising services.

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Effective Marketing Strategies for your business in Medellin or any place within Colombia

If your company needs really effective advertising, contact us today and let{s work together towards your success. The advertising and marketing budget of any business must be well invested in strategies that actually generate results. Strategies which can be monitored effectively and that will increase profits and brand positioning. That´s exactly what you get when hiring our services, we don´t make it up as we go along. We´ve been providing excellent results to businesses and independent professionals from Colombia and abroad for more than 12 years.

marketing-company-medellinIndependent entrepreneurs and business managers in Medellin, should continuously grow their customer base, especially with customers who are within their local area. Therefore, their marketing strategies must be handled by a marketing company in Medellin, experienced in providing fast and effective results to their clients. This allows the available budget to provide the expected return on the investment within a reasonable time, thus increasing profits for the business.

Our marketing company in Medellin has earned an excellent reputation in more than eight years getting results that exceed the expectations of our customers. We are an honest and ethical company, and above all we offer our services when we are sure to get results. We start out by studying the market and figuring out what niche our customer can be most successful in. Then based on our results, we are able to provide real information with recent data, thus providing our customers with enough information to know what to expect. So our customers have all the informaton of real expectations and can make decisions based on these likely outcomes.

Trust our marketing company in Medellin for excellent results

Empresa de Marketing MedellinCall us today at our English speakers hotline 300 356 4041 or email us at and let us know how we can help you achieve your objectives. We´ll be happy to talk to you over the phone, via video chat or even better with a visit to your place of business, so you can show us first hand what your needs and expectations are.

Trust your marketing and advertising to a reliable marketing company in Medellin such as ours. We are The X Group, a marketing company with proven results and one that will work according to the specific goals of your company. The X Group ensures that you and / or your company receive new customers according to the required market niches and do so considering the available budget. Talk to us today and let us be part of your business success. We are The X Group, a marketing company in Medellin focused on customer success.


We are The X Group a marketing company in Medellin that focuses on our success, call us today.  Tel. 300 356 4041