Customer Acquisition Service for Companies and Independent Professionals

Customer Acquisition ServiceThe customer acquisition service we offer to businessmen and companies is the best option for all types of businesses anywhere. Using our service entrepreneurs can attract a high number of potential new customers in their local area daily. It allows them to have the opportunity to reach people when they really need their services or products. This gives them a competitive advantage over other businesses or entrepreneurs that do not use our service.

Many people wonder what customer acquisition is and why they should use it. In simple terms, it is the most effective marketing tool available to companies and entrepreneurs since 2020. This service can almost guarantee their commercial success. No matter if you are an entrepreneur or company of any size, our customer acquisition service is your best option.

Our company is the pioneer in customer acquisition strategies in Colombia and we can implement our service to clients all over the world. We have been using these types of strategies to ensure commercial business success for many clients since 2010. If your business needs a constant flow of new customers on a regular basis, then our customer acquisition service is what you should hire.

So, What is Customer Acquisition?

It is a service that we provide to businesses of all types and sizes, so that they can receive phone calls and/or web and in-store visits from potential clients on a continuous basis. The most effective thing about this service is that it comes from people who currently need what these businesses offer. Therefore, the sale to these customers is much easier to carry out. That is to say that the investment in the service is recovered much faster than with any other marketing strategy. Therefore, the return on investment comes a lot quicker for the business that contracts our service.

Why is our Customer Acquisition Service so effective?Lead Generation for Local Businesses

The vast majority of entrepreneurs are stuck in two positions. The first is that they think they don’t need to do marketing for their respective businesses. The second is that they think they know what to do to attract customers. Either of these two positions are good paths to failure and possible bankruptcy.

Every business, regardless of its size, must have an effective marketing strategy according to its budget. Obviously, everything depends on the services or products that are marketed and their potential market. Additionally, just like you wouldn’t go to court to defend yourself in a legal case. You should not assume that what you think you know about marketing is enough for the success of your business.

Nowadays it is very common for people to think they know enough about marketing, because they watched some videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, they only realize their mistake when it is too late.

This has been the Reality about Customer Attraction since 2020
  • Local markets are the best targets.
  • There are hundreds of “marketing experts” who don’t know anything about how customers are attracted and what makes them buy or hire a service.
  • Cheap is expensive. Many entrepreneurs implement ineffective marketing or advertising strategies, just because the cost is low. (Flyers, Billboards, Telemarketing, etc.)
  • Very few entrepreneurs understand the impact that digital marketing has today and therefore do not use it or use it incorrectly.
Client Acquisition in 2023 and beyond

The Client Acquisition service we offer to independent business people and companies all over the world is the best option for all types of businesses. Our service is effective because it is based on the following:

  • 74% of Internet users search for local products and/or services.
  • More than 100 million people use Google Maps on their mobile phones to search for business information.
  • 66% of people who need any type of service look for it on the Internet.
  • 61% of Internet searches result in a purchase or contract.
  • 52% of searches on Google and Bing platforms are for local businesses.
  • 82% of those who search on the Internet make a call or visit the place they found on the same day of their search.
  • One in two people looking for a service on the Internet does so from their mobile phones.

Our Customer Acquisition Service is based on using these figures to benefit our customers. Using our digital marketing strategies to redirect people when they need something in a specific place. This way we can attract the customers that our clients need at the most appropriate time to take action.

Contact us today and let us help your business through our customer acquisition service anywhere.

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