Marketing for Small Businesses

Some Advantages of small businesses in marketing

Small businesses have several advantages in relation to marketing. A very important advantage is mainly the fact that marketing strategies in these types of companies are managed by people who have a greater interest in their commercial success. However, these companies just like with independent entrepreneurs, also suffer from micro-management, which can really affect their competitiveness.

Speed is the main advantage for small businesses

Marketing for Small BusinessesWhat happens with large and some medium-sized companies is that their marketing strategies must be approved by committees of several people, which prevents them from being innovative in their strategies. When some new marketing trends begin to develop, they must be tapped immediately to make them more effective. The delay in the design, approval and implementation of new trends in large companies means that usually by the time they are implemented, their effectiveness is no longer the same. That is why the marketing strategies of large companies are almost always the same as those of the competition and also why these companies are the main consumers of ATL advertising.

Small businesses and freelancers have several advantages compared to large companies. One of these is the great advantage in terms of the time it takes to make decisions to invest in the new marketing trends available. However, in some cases this opportunity is not always taken advantage of in the best way and this great chance to take a bigger bite out of the market is lost.

Personal Touch in Small Business Marketing

Another advantage that small businesses and especially those managed by their owners have, is that consumers respond better to the personal touch that independent professionals and small business owners can have in relation to their marketing strategies. This personal touch is even more evident in the management of social networks. However, social networks should not be abused by saturating users with continuous offers in company profiles.

Management of social networks must be intelligent and respectful, providing information of interest to consumers. In order to connect and maintain the interest of potential clients, it is necessary not only to provide information, but also to allow the exchange of comments and respond to the public’s concerns in a respectful, faithful and fast manner. Loyalty of followers is the main tool that companies have to make their products and/or services known directly and economically to a large number of consumers who are willing to listen to their offers.

Marketing to the Needs of People

The most important thing in marketing for small businesses and independent entrepreneurs is to use strategies directed at existing needs and not at creating them. Taking advantage of existing needs allows companies to access potential customers at the moment they really need their products and/or services, and are ready to buy or enter into a contract. When marketing services, it is very important that people who are looking for these can speak directly with a person who can give them the right information quickly and answer whatever questions they may have.

Nowadays there are excellent marketing strategies that are more effective and less costly, to achieve the success of small businesses and independent entrepreneurs, especially those that offer some type of service. However, they continue to use the same advertising elements and the same traditional marketing and advertising strategies to try to stay competitive. Mainly because of a lack of knowledge and proper advice at the hands of real experts and not of those who claim to know a lot but have no way to show any results.

Marketing for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

To avoid falling into this trend and continue losing market share to the competition, it is necessary to seek the advise of people who really know and have the results to prove it. Today’s effective marketing for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for independent entrepreneurs, is not carried out by means of traditional advertising (billboards, flyers, radio, television). It is much more effective to work the existing need and not try to create it.

Traditional advertising is effective to position a brand and to remind people of a brand. For its cost and the time needed to see results, it is much more feasible for high-budget companies to invest in this type of advertising. However, they have also realized that there are better ways of achieving this and are taking advantage of new trends to focus their efforts on the existing need. Therefore, it is clear that all companies and independent entrepreneurs should be advised on the new effective marketing trends. This way, they can better invest their resources and obtain better results.

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